Friday, July 28, 2006


While editing a section of Rebellion of Thought called "Creating God In Our Own Image," I included this quote from our interview with Bruce Ellis Benson (Associate Professor of Philosophy at Wheaton College)...

"...we affirm as Christians that God does exists, and that our conception of God is not purely a kind of idolatrous conception of God. Now of course, there it gets a little difficult, because as Christians, I assume that our conception of God is probably never completely pure, that is to say, our conception of God is never completely free from idolatry. It's very easy for the conception of "Jesus, Lord of my life," to morph into, to change into, "Jesus, who is the granter of my desires." That's not a very big step, as it turns out, and indeed I assume that many of us live, in a sort of practical way so that Jesus is the granter of our desires, first and foremost, rather than the Lord and Master of our lives."

What are your thoughts on this concept of Christian idolatry? Please share them here...

Monday, July 17, 2006

REBELLION OF THOUGHT. . . needs your music!

We at the Paladin Media Group are currently on a quest for great music to help us create another award-winning soundtrack... this one for our current film Rebellion of Thought.

We are looking for fresh, up & coming and established solo acts, bands, instumentalists, orchestras, etc. from a wide variety of musical styles. We need music to help establish the feel of the film. We need background music for restaurants and a variety of locations. We need music to help push the film forward. We need music to help tell the story. Simply put, we need great music.

We start by auditioning as much music as possible. We listen to tracks again and again to find just the right one for each section of the film. Once these selections are made each musician will be notified as to which songs have been chosen for inclusion in the film. At this point a more formal contract will be issued to the selected musicians.

A section of the Rebellion of Thought DVD featuring & promoting your music from the film, bio, album artwork, contact information, weblink to your site, and email link. Inclusion in all press materials related to the film. On screen credit in the film and on the website. Copies of the completed DVD. And of course, bragging rights... if you're into that sort of thing.

Please mail a cd, bio, lyrics, contact info, and a brief letter signed by all copyright holders stating that you are the owner of the copyrighted material and have the authority to assign the synchronization rights for inclusion in this film and on the film's soundtrack to:

Paladin Media Group
Attn: Rebellion of Thought Music Quest
673 Berkmar Court
Charlottesville, Virginia 22901

Thursday, July 13, 2006


Yesterday I received an email from Richard Herskowitz, the director of the Virginia Film Festival. He let me know a tentative screen time for Rebellion of Thought at this years fest. We are currently slated to have our world-premiere on Saturday, October 28th, 4pm at the Regal Cinema on the downtown mall in Charlottesville.

I've been editing a lot lately in order to prep the film for it's debut and I'm happy to report that the running time is currently 8 hours and 30 minutes! That's down from over 12 hours. Before you all panic, please note that by the premiere it will be around 90 minutes... at least that's the goal.

If you are a musician or if you know any musicians please send them the link to the Rebellion of Thought Music Quest. We are currently searching for all genres of music for possible inclusion within the film as we prep to create another award-winning soundtrack. The details are spelled out on the Rebellion of Thought site.

I will leave you with a still image from the film...

Even the untrained eye will notice Charlottesville's Regal Cinema in the background. I won't spoil it, but this particular scene has an unbelievable ending... you'll have to come to the premiere to discover how it all turns out.

In the mean time... edit, edit, edit...