Monday, November 19, 2007


As Brad and I hit on in Rebellion of Thought, the Supersize Me mentality of program-oriented Churchianity in America misses the point of what being a follower of Christ is all about.

Apparently research has come out that even Bill Hybels (founder of Willow Creek) finds “earth shaking,” “ground breaking,” and “mind blowing.”

Here's a snippet...

Willow Creek Repents?
Few would disagree that Willow Creek Community Church has been one of the most influential churches in America over the last thirty years... So what happens when leaders of Willow Creek stand up and say, “We made a mistake”?

Read the full article on Christianity Today's Out of Ur Blog...

I can't wait until the research comes out that says this is true for the majority of smaller, program oriented, non-mega churches as well.


In an effort to promote transparency and full-disclosure it should be known that in the 80's (back when I had lots of hair and little discretion) I was very active at Willow Creek. I attended multiple services on a weekly basis and was involved in the "Video Ministry" where we helped "spread the gospel" to needy jumbo screens via closed-circuit television for youth group Rah, Rah, Rah's.

Ironic that today, twenty years later, my "Video Ministry" includes such lovely pieces as Rebellion of Thought which, when it comes to Mega Church mentalities like Willow Creek, I guess would be "biting the hand that fed me"... Ooops!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Rebellion of Thought... In Stores Today!

November 13th, 2007... this just in... Rebellion of Thought officially goes on sale today.

Here are a few links to stores where you can purchase it, rent it, etc.

Amazon = $15.99
Barnes & Noble = $20.69
Borders = $??.??
Christian Cinema = $16.92
Crown Video = $??.??
Family Stores = $??.??
Gospel Direct = $19.99
Netflix = Rental
Midwest Tape (via public library system)

Also, in C'ville you can buy it at Splintered Light. Here's a photo of the Splintered Light Bookshop... doesn't that look like a great place to go and browse the shelves?

They're located at 128 Chancellor St. just off the corner in the Center for Christian Study.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Here are a couple of links to the Hollywood Jesus review of Rebellion of Thought by Mike Furches.

Hollywood Jesus - Rebellion of Thought

Hollywood Jesus - About Rebellion of Thought

Furches says things like "sure to cause waves in the world of Christianity" and "may end up being one of the best documentary films of the year."


Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Here is a review of Rebellion of Thought that appeared in the November issue of the CBA Retailers Magazine...

"Rebellion of Thought is a superbly made, thought-provoking film. It juxtaposes discussion by leading Christian thinkers, people on the street, and filmmakers Brad and Kent Williamson to examine what postmodern thinking is and how the common idea that there's no absolute truth demands a new response from Christians.

The sheer film-craft beats almost anything I've seen in Christian film. The medium often becomes the message with stunning visuals, creative editing, and excellent (mostly indie) music. The explanation of post-modernism and its effect on culture is well-honed, thought overlong.

The Williamson's challenge–that church is irrelevant when it busies itself with traditional activities but never touches those outside–is undeniably true. The problem comes when they equate this irrelevant church with Hitler's state-run church and make the leap that the only way to relevance is ditching the church entirely, rather than recreating it on a biblical pattern.

This film will appeal to an intellectual and somewhat disaffected audience. Nevertheless, it raises questions that should be discussed (perhaps with a group and the corresponding study guide).

–Sue Grise"