Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Rebellion of Thought... the edit

Just a quick post to let everyone know that the film currently is down to 1 hour and 55 minutes. This was a major reason for celebration for Brad and me last week (since we began with a film that was 12 hours and 15 minutes long). Andy Warhol may have been able to get away with a film of that length but obviously he wasn't dealing with such a heady topic as post-modernism and the role of the Church in pm culture.

For those that don't know, in 1964 Andy Warhol made an eight hour film called Empire where he pointed a camera at the Empire State Building and filmed from dusk into the middle of the night (there's a brief clip available at Media Art Net and an interesting blurb at New York Art).

Anyhow, it is still our goal to get the final edit down in the ballpark of 90 minutes. We have had to toss out entire sections we had previously edited, but fortunately in the world of DVD this means our "bonus features" will be jammed with great material that just didn't make the final cut. Most likely it will be a two disc set, but we'll keep you posted.

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