Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Here is a review of Rebellion of Thought that appeared in the November issue of the CBA Retailers Magazine...

"Rebellion of Thought is a superbly made, thought-provoking film. It juxtaposes discussion by leading Christian thinkers, people on the street, and filmmakers Brad and Kent Williamson to examine what postmodern thinking is and how the common idea that there's no absolute truth demands a new response from Christians.

The sheer film-craft beats almost anything I've seen in Christian film. The medium often becomes the message with stunning visuals, creative editing, and excellent (mostly indie) music. The explanation of post-modernism and its effect on culture is well-honed, thought overlong.

The Williamson's challenge–that church is irrelevant when it busies itself with traditional activities but never touches those outside–is undeniably true. The problem comes when they equate this irrelevant church with Hitler's state-run church and make the leap that the only way to relevance is ditching the church entirely, rather than recreating it on a biblical pattern.

This film will appeal to an intellectual and somewhat disaffected audience. Nevertheless, it raises questions that should be discussed (perhaps with a group and the corresponding study guide).

–Sue Grise"

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